Karatag, Timur Dara lake

Timur Dara Lake - is a high-altitude lake of the dammed origin. It's located an hour away from the Karatag river at an altitude of 1980 m above the sea level. There is no fish in the lake. The path leading to the lake starts from a small river with the same name of Timur-Dar, which flows out to the lake and flows back into the Karatag River. The lake itself is located among wooded slopes. The water color is bright blue. One of the coasts is covered with coarse granite sand and can serve as an excellent beach

If you believe the myths, on this sandy shore, the conqueror Tamerlane rested after his conquests.
Timur-Dara Lake is a very popular route among tourists. In good weather conditions, trips to the lake are held every weekend.

Route Information

Distance from Dushanbe ~ 60 km, 1 hour hike, difficulty of the route - medium (1 climb, then a straight path).


One-day hikes are provided (Departure from Dushanbe at 6:30, arrival to Dushanbe at 19:00), it's possible to take a hike with children above 10 years old.

Route details

Departure at 6:45 , arrival in Shakhrinav at 7:10 , 7:25 transfer by the truck from Shahrinav to Hakimi, arrival at Hakimi at 9:45 , a light breakfast at 9:50 , the beginning of the hike is at 10:00 , lunch at Timur Dara lake at 13:00 , 19:00 Arrival to Dushanbe.

For maximum comfort we recommend to bring a headdress, towel, and an extra pair of shoes. On the way to Timur Dara lake we will hike through many wild plants, so we highly recommend to wear long-sleeved tank tops, shirts and light athletic pants.