Karatag, Payron Lake

Payron Lake is located at an altitude of 2200 m above the sea level. It appeared as a result of a blockage, where water flows through the stone dam, forming several small waterfalls. The water in the lake is cold. The left bank of the lake is inaccessible, since the slopes of the mountain abruptly break into the water. The path runs along the right bank.

Unfortunately fishing near the shores of the lake is impossible, since there is no fish on this altitude. But just below the lake there is a wonderful place for fishing near the banks of Karatag River, where you can fish for trout.
Payron lake is an amazing place that captures the spirit of the landscape around, especially in the evening by the bonfire. It is an unforgettable feeling of beatiful landscapes around when you wake up early in the morning in a tent near the shores of the lake.

Route Information

Distance from Dushanbe ~ 65 km, 1 hour hike, difficulty of the route - medium (1 climb, further straight trail).

Overnight hike (in a tent or a sleeping bag), It's possible to take a hike with children over 10 years old.

Route details День 1:

Departure at 6:45 , arrival in Shakhrinav at 7:10 , 7:25 transfer by truck from Shakhrinav to Hakimi, arrival to Hakimi at 9:45 , a light breakfast at 9:50 , the beginning of the hike at 10:00 , 12:00 halt, dinner at Payron Lake at 14:00 , then free time, 20:00 dinner, entertainment and bonfire.

Day 2:
                     9:00 breakfast, free time, 14:00 camp picking, preparation for return, 17:00 arrival to Dushanbe.

For maximum comfort we recommend to bring a headdress, towel, and an extra pair of shoes. On the way to Payron Lake we will hike through many wild plants, so we highly recommend to wear long-sleeved tank tops, shirts and light athletic pants.